Beacon Pharmaceutical Ltd is a leading pharmaceutical company of Bangladesh. Beacon is one of the fastest growing Pharmaceutical companies of Bangladesh with enormous career opportunities. The company values knowledge based professionals, practices world standard corporate culture and promotes dynamism.

The company believes that employees are our biggest assets, who lead to prosperity and growth. Beacon Pharmaceutical Ltd does not just give you a job, it takes pride in helping you build a career for yourself by giving you to learn, perform and grow.

Beacon’s core team is composed of Pharmacists, Chemists, Medical Graduates, Microbiologists, Biochemist, Engineers, Chartered accountants, Finance experts and Business Management Experts from well reputed universities.

Beacon gives preferences to individuals having a keen interest to keep themselves updated with technological advancement, introduces out-of-the-box ideas, portrays leadership qualities and pursues day to day job responsibilities with a positive attitude.

If you believe yourself to be a knowledgeable, proactive, dynamic, and proficient and a self-motivated professional, Beacon is undoubtedly the best place for you to start your career.